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  • Liz Stam

Why You NEED Wedding Planning Breaks!

Beautiful bride and groom toasting with family!
Photo: Brian Coss Photography

Imagine your favorite activity in the world. Got it? Okay, now imagine doing that activity for a year in a half, non stop, no breaks. It’s all you’re thinking about, it's all you're dreaming about, it’s taken over your entire life. Now, imagine this activity is something you actually don’t love, and causes you and your loved ones a great deal of stress? At this point I’m just describing a nightmare. Wedding planning is just like any other activity in your life. You need to be able to completely step away from it and TAKE BREAKS!

Creating a wedding planning timeline is the first way you can help yourself in the process. Decide when you want to be done with large chunks of your wedding planning to do list, and schedule in a 1 month (or 2) long break after. Rewarding yourself after completing difficult tasks helps you enjoy the process for longer, and you will complete tasks you don’t want to do faster than you thought was possible!

Once you create your wedding planning timeline, STICK TO IT. Even if you get to your scheduled break and think to yourself, “I really think I can keep going…” DON’T! You created that timeline for a reason. You’ll be able to think of tasks till the very moment you walk down that aisle, so just let yourself focus on something else for a month.

Take your break even if you don’t necessarily want to! Even if you are having so much fun with planning, think of how excited, driven, and refreshed you’ll be when that break comes to an end!

If you are planning your wedding on a tight schedule and you don’t have the capacity in your timeline to take a month, give yourself a week or even a weekend! Go on a date with your partner and talk about something/anything besides the wedding planning!! Even just getting your mind off of things that need to get done for a MOMENT can be therapeutic. This will help you and your partner stay excited for the day instead of anxiously waiting for it to be over!

If you truck down the wedding planning path with full speed, by the time the day arrives you will resent it. The day will just become another item to cross off your to-do list. No one wants to think of their wedding day as a task. Taking breaks helps ALL of us come back to the project with a fresh set of eyes and appreciating the small tasks to make your day everything you hoped for.

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