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  • Liz Stam

What is a Wedding Day Timeline?

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Your wedding day is going to be stressful. All of your friends and family are coming to see YOU. It's hard to keep your head on the logistics of the day, while also creating long lasting memories! You shouldn't have to worry about where everyone should be going or what everyone should be doing next! These are some of the many reasons why we always will create a wedding day timeline (sometimes multiple) for you, your vendors, and your friends and family.

The benefits of creating a timeline I could talk about all day, but let’s discuss what your timeline should consist of? What are the important things to add that you might not think about?

1. Vendor Arrival Times

Whether they are arriving at your hotel or at your venue, make sure you know when each vendor should be onsite. This helps keep the entire day on track! Also, add their day-of phone numbers. This way if they don’t arrive on schedule, you know exactly what number to dial!

2. Photo Lists

A big time-sucker on your wedding day will go to photos! You want to make sure your timeline reflects this! Even if it’s just robe photos in the hotel room, add time for it in your timeline!! Create a list of all the group photos you would like to get and enough time to capture them! Either before or after the ceremony.

3. Processional Order

Make sure no one is asking you who they go after in the processional order! Put the order on the timeline along with the song changes, so everyone knows what to expect! Especially your DJ!

4. Vehicle Arrival/Departure times

If you are hiring a shuttle driver, make sure to get their day-of phone number to add to your timeline! Add everyone that should be getting in the bus/car! Be as specific as “wedding party leaves hotel for venue” and “wedding party arrives at venue.” This way everyone knows where you are and when you will be arriving!

5. Buffer Time

Last, but not least! Don’t forget to add that buffer time! Even with a timeline, unexpected things will happen! Make sure to give yourself plenty of time with each activity! Don’t forget about traffic at specific times of the day and time to give you and your partner a second to breathe! ;)

One of the most important things I like to add is a 10 minute moment after the ceremony. Let you and your partner sneak away, just the 2 of you, and be able to take the day in together!

It’s a day you’ll never forget. Make sure to spend as much of it as you can with the person you’re there for.

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