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  • Christina Hubeli

How to Determine the Style of Your Wedding

romantic wedding design
Photo: The Gernands Photography

When starting to talk about the design of your wedding, it can feel like there is an endless vat of options! From trendy to elegant, narrowing in on a wedding style that you love (and are going to love in 30 years looking back at your wedding pictures) is a bit of a daunting task.

Below are some ways to help make this process easier for you and your partner! These are simple and actionable steps you can take to bring clarity to your wedding style and get back to being excited about bringing your vision to life.

Start venue searching

If you’re not quite sure about the direction of your wedding style or colors, finding your venue first can be a great starting place. Your venue might have certain design elements, color palettes, or a general vibe that can assist you in determining the style of your wedding. If you’re in the preliminary stages of planning, even just checking out the venues in the area can give you an idea of what’s out there and available.

Going on venue tours can also really get the wheels to start turning. Seeing photos of a space is great to narrow down your potential venue options, but getting to physically stand in the space and begin to envision the design possibilities will make it come to life a bit more.

Consider the formality of your wedding

How formal or casual your wedding is can help dictate what styles you might naturally lean towards. For instance, if you’re wanting a black-tie event with all the formalities, this is commonly best matched with an elegant, glam, or modern style. On the flip side, if you’re planning for a more informal wedding, this meshes well with rustic, boho, or garden styles.

Look for inspiration elsewhere

Wedding inspiration certainly doesn’t just have to come from Googling “wedding themes”! Think about your personal taste, from the style of clothing you gravitate towards to your home decor preferences to what type of art you like. Cues to the types of styles you prefer are likely already all around you!

While Pinterest and wedding blogs are great resources for finding inspiration, inspiration can truly be found anywhere (cheesy I know, but true!). Think outside the box and consider what you like in terms of architecture, jewelry, stationery, food styling, graphic design, and more. Flip through a magazine that isn’t wedding-focused or hop on Instagram and see what images capture your attention.

Pick a theme and/or color scheme

Some couples opt for a more specific theme for their wedding, which can also help you as you start designing your day. A tropical-themed wedding, for instance, naturally brings to mind brighter colors, lush greenery and palms, and rich textures; whereas a Gatsby-themed wedding could incorporate flashy gold design elements, large feathers and pearls, and a strong party vibe. Consider different potential wedding themes and see what imagery pops into your mind with each of them.

Moreover, starting small might be the better way to go for you. If there is a specific design element or flower that you know you want to incorporate, let that help you in selecting your wedding style. If you absolutely have to have red roses, for example, you might lean into a very romantic wedding design.

If selecting a theme doesn’t appeal to you, consider color schemes that you like. Do you like a lighter or darker palette? What color(s) would you like your wedding party to wear? Do you want to incorporate metallics, and if so, which one(s)? Another aspect of your wedding that may play into your color scheme is the season in which you’ll get married. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you might lean towards a warmer, richer palette. For a spring wedding, you might opt for lighter pastels.

Along with colors, consider other elements that attribute to the design of the wedding; for example, do you like to play with different textures or patterns? Start broad with these questions and then start to get more specific with them as they relate to your wedding.

Weed out what you DON’T like

When all else fails, think about what you don’t like! Narrowing it down this way will help reduce the overwhelm of having all the options. Consider: Are there certain themes that you don’t like? Are there certain colors you know you don’t want to incorporate? What have you seen at other weddings you’ve attended that you didn’t like?

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all the options, talking through your options with a wedding designer will help get you on track to designing a wedding you love! See how our team can bring your wedding vision to life by scheduling a consultation HERE.

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