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  • Christina Hubeli

8 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing at wedding
Photo: Madi Ellis Photography

When you think of a wedding reception, you probably think of lots and lots of dancing! While some guests will dance the night away, others may not like dancing or want to dance. Offering unique entertainment ideas during your cocktail hour and/or reception is a great way to shake things up and keep guests engaged.

Below we’ve compiled some unique, interactive, and entertaining ideas to wow guests at your wedding! Keep in mind that many of these options will affect your venue, catering or bar, A/V set-up, and more, so always confirm that your venue can accommodate these activities and that all your vendors are looped into the exciting experiences you have planned.

1) 360 Photo Booth

Take the classic wedding photo booth to the next level by offering a 360 photo booth! Rather than just capturing a still shot of your guests, this type of photo booth revolves 360 degrees around them to produce a slow-motion video. While the video is being taken, guests can dance, pose, use props, and more to create a special short film that captures the joy of the night.

2) Tastings

If you love trying and pairing wines, whiskies, or other types of alcohol, consider integrating this into your cocktail hour! Hire a sommelier to set up a table with a variety of options and have them guide guests through the tasting process of your selected liquor. Guests will have the chance to try new spirits, ask questions, and learn more about the process of making alcohol. Bonus points if you pair the liquor options with the hors d’oeuvres at your cocktail hour!

3) Live Painting

Chances are you’ve likely booked a photographer and/or videographer to capture your day, but why not also have a painting of your wedding day to treasure for years to come? Hire an artist to paint your reception while it’s happening! Guests will be able to watch as the artist works their magic to bring your reception to life on a blank canvas. It’s such an interesting process that most guests don’t often get to see, and you’ll have a new piece of art to hang on your wall.

4) Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge by hosting some trivia during your cocktail hour! The topic of the trivia could be about you and your new spouse, topics that you two are interested in, or just general trivia questions. You’ll see your guests’ competitive spirits come to life, and they just might learn something new!

5) Champagne Hoop Skirts

Catch your guests’ eyes with a champagne hoop skirt! These huge skirts are worn by a model and are made to hold several glasses of champagne on each tier of the skirt. As your guests enter your cocktail hour or reception, they can grab a glass of bubbly right off the dramatic skirt! This is such a distinctive element to incorporate into your wedding day and will add to the glamour of your celebration.

6) Aerialists

Yes, you read that right! Nothing is quite as show-stopping as an aerial silks show, and guests will be mesmerized as they watch the aerialists effortlessly soar through your venue. As you can imagine, your venue will need to have a certain structure in order for aerialists to have the space requirements they need to perform and have something to affix their silks to.

More industrial venues with supporting ceiling beams are capable of holding a high weight and are therefore the perfect settings for aerialists; so, if you’re still searching for a venue and know you want to hire some aerialists, remember to look up during your tours!

7) Light Up Robots

Get the party started by hiring light-up robot dancers! These dancers hit the dance floor in a full LED suit to wow guests with both a lighting display and a dance performance. Your guests will be excited to hit the dance floor and bust a move right alongside the “robots.”

8) Cold Sparklers

Most venues don’t allow for open flames inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a remarkable “fire” display into your reception! Cold sparkers are meant to simulate the look of real fire but don’t use traditional pyrotechnic techniques found in fireworks. Instead, the spark comes out of the machine cold, meaning that it’s safe to the touch, won’t emit heat, and can’t catch on fire. They’re an awesome addition to take your wedding design to the next level!

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