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  • Alexis Alvarez

Can My Wedding Planner Get Me a Discount?

How to plan a Chicago Wedding by Chicago Wedding Planner
Photo By: Sean Cook Weddings

On nearly every single consultation I have I am inevitably asked this question. I’m not sure where it started- this idea that Wedding Planners have this magic universal discount code- but here we are. Maybe it’s that the idea that part of the value of hiring a Wedding Planner can save you money has been misconstrued into discounts from other vendors, but let me set the record straight… at least from my perspective.

The short answer… could I? Probably. But let’s ask a better question- will my wedding planner get me a discount? For me, the answer is more than likely no. Now before you click out of this post & furiously head over to Instagram to unfollow me, allow me to explain.

My job as your Wedding Planner first and foremost is to know how to work inside of your budget, prioritize the funds in it & how to have difficult conversations about spending. For example, it’s up to me to know that that to-die-for inspo pic you keep showing me is going to run about $100K (thanks Pinterest) & to have the conversation that either we need some new inspiration or we need to significantly increase your $5K floral budget either by taking funds from an area of lower priority (which might mean a dress off the rack verses something custom) or come up with additional funding by increasing your budget.

My job is to also be able to simplify your shopping process by recommending vendors that I know you can afford. Saving you the heartache of falling in love with the world’s most talented & coolest videographer only to find out that she’s $2500 out of budget

But will I ask the owners of the small businesses that I’ve worked for years to build not just solid professional relationships with, but in many cases friendships, to discount their services as a “professional courtesy”? Absolutely not. My professional courtesy is to help my clients allocate their budgets appropriately and refer them to vendors they can afford. What I will do instead is lead my clients into conversations about lower package offerings or smaller scale inspiration to help keep them in their budget without asking my colleagues to discount their valuable products and services.

Now that’s not to say that occasionally a vendor I work with won’t offer a small discount or complimentary additional service to my clients because of the volume of business I bring them or simply because referrals are much easier & less expensive to book, but it’s not something that should be expected just because you partner with a Planner.

Instead of asking if a Wedding Planner can get you discounts with vendors, ask for some examples of how they’ve worked with clients to maximize their budgets to give them the wedding that they want at a price they could afford.

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