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  • Ally Alford

Wedding Attendant vs. Wedding Assistant

wedding planners setting up tables
Photo: Alana Lindenfeld Photography

On the wedding day, we like to have a whole crew to help out with anything and everything on the day of your wedding! This is so that there are no huge elements of stress in the morning all the way through the end of the night! In this blog, we are going to break down those positions for you!

The wedding attendant is CRUCIAL for us planners to ensure that everything is on time and ready to go in the morning. They arrive in the morning with our handy dandy emergency kit and get to work on steaming, running any little errands you might need, handling any deliveries (lunch, floral, etc.), and keep in contact with the planner to make sure we are good to go! One of the key responsibilities of the attendant is to help with the first look or assist in making sure the couple does not see each other before the ceremony! This person stays throughout the day all the way up to the ceremony where they help the planner with lining up & then afterward helps with family photos (as this person is now familiar with most of the family!). Sometimes, the wedding attendant can face difficulty because they do not know anyone in the morning, so it is really important that the wedding party and family appreciate and respect this person as it is a big responsibility and they are trying to make the day go as smoothly as possible!

The wedding assistant is the helping hand to the planner! They arrive at the venue to help with any setup that is needed. Additionally, they assist the planner with cues and work with the other vendors throughout the night. For some weddings, we have the assistant stay to assist with any late-night needs, ensure everyone gets out of the venue on time, and do a double check with any vendors. The assistant is really important to just be an extra helping hand to our lead planner. Some responsibilities might include: helping with room flip, answering any guest/party questions, transitioning guests, doing any additional setup, and working with the vendors!

Both positions are really important and crucial for our planner and the couple so that they have a successful wedding from start to finish. At the beginning of my internship last year, I was mostly just an assistant and attendant and we all learned a lot from these positions. We learned how to manage a big group of people, be punctual, work with others that we didn’t know, and got exposed to any and everything that could go wrong at a wedding. Like I said, these positions are so IMPORTANT and this is just a little bit about each! :)

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