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  • Liz Stam

Unique & Cheap Ways to Save Your Bouquet

red and orange bridal bouquet
Photo: Mandelette Photography

After your wedding day, it can be difficult to get rid of the items that made your wedding day as special as it was. Spending money on items that will end up in a junk drawer or taking up space in your tiny storage unit just doesn't seem right!

One item couples tend to reluctantly throw away is their flowers. What if I told you there are lots of unique and fun ways not only to keep it but to USE it after your wedding!?

1. Pressed Flower Frame

This option always turns out so beautiful! First, go ahead and dry your flowers! This can take up to 2-3 weeks. During that time, head to a thrift store and find a frame big enough to hold your entire bouquet! Once your florals are dry, very carefully press them onto the glass! Now make some space in your gallery wall and voila! A memory you’ll see every day!

2. Paint Your Bouquet

Painting your bouquet can definitely be intimidating! BUT if you and your partner do it together, you’ll have another memory to go along with your wedding day! You can also always ask a local artist to paint it for you! Or maybe you trust a friend to sketch it for you!

3. Embroider Your Bouquet(s)

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try embroidery? This would be such a great place to finally start! Grab the tools from your local Michael’s and take a crack at it! Maybe start with one of the bouquets from the wedding party to see how it goes? Who knows! Maybe you’ll end up doing them all!

4. Create a Shadow Box

You can make your 3D painting hold whatever you want! Think about important memories to add from your big day! Dry flowers, invites, or even a table number! This would be such a cute idea to hang or use as a bookend!

5. Create Holiday Ornaments

Another run to Michael’s and you’ll have empty bulb tree ornaments! Pop those bad boys open and add in as many dried flowers as you’d like! You can even use your table arrangements! Have your own bouquet tree for Christmas this year!

Schedule a lil crafternoon with your partner after your wedding day! Pick whichever one you both like best, put on your favorite movie, and get to work!

These all are great date nights for newlyweds to help keep that love bubble flowing!

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