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  • Liz Stam

Vendors to Know About in 2023!

RADIllustrates drawing guests butts! How fun!
Photo: Lauren Lucile Creative

The city of Chicago is growing every single day! People from all over the world will move to the greater Chicago area to begin their passion, start anew, or even open a business. It can be difficult to keep up with an ever changing city that keeps updating with the next best thing.

We know that shopping small will help keep your area as fun, diverse, and unique as possible and if you’re planning a wedding, a small business can become a game-CHANGER. Something unique, local, and for a decent price? Those are the vendors/business owners people want to work with this year! Let’s talk about vendors you need to keep in mind while planning a wedding in 2023!

1. RAD illustrates -

It’s official. We are RADillustrates biggest fans. I mean come on you don’t want a drawing of your butt next to all your best friends butts? Get real.

2. Pop Up Karaoke -

Maybe you and your friends can only give the dance floor all you have about for 1-2 hours? If you wanna give those late night guests a real treat, turn your dance floor into a karaoke bar!! I’m mean, watching all your closest loved ones embarrass themselves in front of your other closest loved ones? I’m in.

3. Therese Murphy | Psychic Readings & Events’ -

Something we are super excited to see this year, are more people hiring tarot card

readers and Psychics! Find out your future with your mom watching so she’ll stop asking so many questions!!!

4. MDM Entertainment -

We love MDM Entertainment here at Burst! If you have big creative design ideas for your wedding they are the place to go! They can bring disco balls of all sizes, cold sparkles, and even BRING a game show to YOU! This takes family feud to a whole new level.

5.Aerialist Dance Chicago -

Can you imagine walking into a wedding dance floor and seeing an AERIALIST? We can. This option is where things can get a little pricey, but if you’re that friend who wants to host the party of the century, Aerialist Dance Chicago is Definitely the place to go.

The best part about getting married in a metropolis is that the options are endless! If you’ve got a vision, we know the place that can make it come true!

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