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  • Liz Stam

Local DJs You Should Know!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

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Picking great music is super important to couples getting married right now. They want to curate a list, and know that each song played at their wedding is better than the last.

The first decision you have to make when it comes to music is whether you want a DJ or a band. Each comes with its pros and cons of course, BUT if you are highly opinionated on the choices for your reception music I would definitely suggest looking into DJs during your open dance floor. Bands tend to be more expensive and will only learn so many songs for each of their customers.

If music is your top priority in your budget, here are a few great and trustworthy DJs in Chicago you should ask your planner to reach out to.

We never go to a party without our main man Trevor from Cage and Aquarium! Not only is he one of the kindest vendors you will meet, he also makes sure none of his couples leaves the dance floor unsatisfied.

Daniel over at Luniks Entertainment is always incredible and easy to work with. He is a great communicator and will be sure to link you up with a DJ to fit your personality and style. Luniks knows that each couple is different and makes sure you can feel the personalization!

If you are getting married at Ovation, Greenhouse Loft, or his new venue Sarabande, you will get linked up with Spencer’s DJ company Style Matters. A venue and DJ in ONE! Not only will it be great for your budget, but it will also be a stress free process. Spencer makes sure his couples questions are answered promptly and he always knows exactly what to expect in any area of your wedding day!

Every DJ at Green Line Talent is such a blast to be with. They always come in with high energy and your wedding guests will be able to see it! We love a sister owned company who knows how to bring the FUN every time!!

DJ Firm offers couples so many resources. Each DJ you meet is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable with ALL your questions! Ruben is always willing to make sure his couples are happy with their DJ and are enjoying the process of picking songs for their guests! Everyone in town will recommend DJ Firm!

Dancing with your loved ones will never be a negative experience. Choosing from any of these options will make your wedding day one to remember. Chicago is so full of talented artists, that you can’t go wrong! Remember, this is the fun part! :)

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