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  • Ally Alford

Best Wedding Venues Based on Your Wedding Aesthetic

Everyone has a different vision of what they want their wedding to look like. Whether it be greens and white with exposed brick, bright colors, or even a traditional hotel wedding. Every wedding is different and every wedding is beautiful in its own way. I’m going to share with you my favorite wedding venues in Chicago based on different wedding aesthetics. Every venue in this city is amazing, but finding the perfect one for you can be a difficult decision and hopefully this makes it a little bit easier.

1. Simple & Elegant

Lauren Lucile Creative Photography

Morgans on Fulton is one of my favorite venues! It is so beautiful and fits perfectly with a simple look. Check out this picture from Jesse & Will’s wedding. Full of whites, greens, and babies breath! How gorgeous! Definitely recommend this venue and you can dress it up so nicely!

Grace Rios Photography

2. Colorful & Bright

Ignite Glass Studios is so cool! Talk about COLOR! They have a whole wall full of awesome glass art and we love it here! A wedding here is a wedding to remember. All the beautiful scenery is really so memorable!

They also have a beautiful indoor space for a reception! One of our favorites!

3. Timeline & Chic

Madi Ellis Photography LLC

Venue Six10 is one of the coolest places in Chicago. Its sleek and white design makes it a blank canvas for you to transform it into a beautiful space like Erin & Thomas did at their wedding! It was so stunning with the views of navy pier and big dance floor!

Claudia Jo Photography

4. Lofty & Warm

The Carter is the place to be. This venue has beautiful exposed brick and a great space for you and your guests. The space is so cozy and makes everyone feel like home. It is can be dressed up with neon signs and color and also work with a simple clean aesthetic. Such a great venue!

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