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  • Liz Stam

Is It Cake?: How a Netflix Show Might Inspire Your Wedding Dessert

wedding cake and pie displayed on stand
Photo: Sean Cook Photography

Every couple wants a way for their wedding to stand out and have that “wow” moment that will ensure the guest experience is unforgettable. But if you’re a couple on a budget, extravagant florals, lighting, draping, or entertainment experiences might be out of the question. You may be struggling to come up with ways for your wedding to feel like you without having a bottomless budget.

But creative and fun surprises for your guests don’t have to create financial strain! You can create memorable moments with the smaller details and not break the bank. Plus, focusing on making these smaller details for guests unique makes the impact more subtle and memorable. One of those details could be your cake!

Lots of couples want to incorporate a cake into their wedding day for the ceremonial cutting but also want to offer other desserts that are more appealing to their guests. But this can cause the couple to spend more than planned on desserts or be leftover with an excess of desserts. So what about cakes that can give us both? Below are 6 unique and alternative “cakes” that will leave guests asking, “is it cake?”

1. Rice Krispie Treats

Who can resist a chewy, sweet rice krispie treat that reminds everyone of childhood? These easy-to-mold treats mean that you can create cake-like tiers! Create a bold tower with the rice krispie treats, then use marshmallow fluff on the outside of your “cake” to create a smooth, clean outside layer. Let your creativity out as you decide on the shape of your “cake” and the outer design!

2. Zebra Cake

Love cake, but forgot to hire a baker in time? Inspired by the viral Tik Tok video, try creating your own cake tower by frosting Zebra Cakes on top of one another. This will create a cake that you can use for cutting, and your guests will be impressed by the clean tiers as you cut into your tower. Guests will be surprised to find that it was actually a quick at-home DIY project!

3. Pie

The options when pie is involved are limitless. Flavors? Size? Design? You can offer guests a variety of different full-sized pies, or stick to personal pies for an easy-to-serve option. For your cutting pie, you can even top different-sized pies on top of one other to create a taller “cake version” of this crowd favorite. Make sure to have whipped cream and ice cream at your dessert station for guests to top off their slices.

4. Pancakes

Everybody loves breakfast for dinner, so why not breakfast for dessert? Pancakes are so beautiful no matter how you decorate them. Let your guests add their toppings as they grab a slice of your “cake”. Provide whipped cream, sprinkles, syrup, and fruit to give each pancake slice its own unique design.

5. Croquembouche

Talk about a show stopper! Croquembouche will impress guests every time. Delicious, decadent, and beautiful, these towers are made of puff pastries and bound together using caramel drizzles. Of course, be careful as you cut into this tower! The last thing we want is a toppling tower in your cake-cutting photos. Pull out a puff pastry or two at a time for the easiest serving, and of course, always start from the top.

6. Cheese Wheels

Now, I’m not talking about cheesecake. I’m talking about a cake made out of CHEESE! Perfect for those that don’t have a big sweet tooth, create your Wisconsin-themed “cake” with 3 different-sized cheese wheels. Place the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top. You can ask your florist to bring extra flowers to create a really beautiful “cake.” Just be sure you and your partner are given a strong knife for your cake cutting!

7. Donuts

Donuts have been a staple wedding dessert for a few years now, but why not stack them to create a tiered donut cake? Start with a rounded base, then build up your tiers until you make it to the top tier with one donut. For your cake cutting, you can even break apart a donut and feed it to your partner (or smash it in their face if that’s more your style).

8. Cookie Cake

Calling all cookie lovers! You can have your cake and eat it too – by making it a giant cookie! Create a stunning design with frosting on the outside of your cake, or stack some cookie cakes on top of one another to create a tiered cake. Serve with shooters of milk to give guests that classic milk and cookies taste.

Planning a wedding should be fun, especially when you start figuring out how to make your wedding special! Take some time to create something new with your partner as often as you can; then celebrate with some of those leftover zebra cakes you have in the cupboard.

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