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  • Alexis Alvarez

How to Host a Backyard Wedding

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Photo by: Sean Cook Weddings

COVID has brought back the Backyard Wedding trend and I'm not mad about it.

Backyard weddings are special. With twinkle lights in the sky, fresh air, and bonfires, backyard weddings feel like taking a deep breath. My favorite weddings I've ever produced have been outdoor, backyard-feel weddings.

Chicago Wedding planner near me
Photo by: Danielle Marie Images

But they are not easy to plan!

There are tasks that need to be completed and considerations to be made that aren't on your average Pinterest wedding planning checklist. Here is a list of all the preparations for a backyard wedding:

  • Lit, even level, and trimmed paths (suitable for heels and elderly) that are both to and from parking, bathrooms, catering area, etc.

  • Trees trimmed for shuttles

  • Gate wide enough for shuttles

  • Place where shuttles can idle that is not in the way and is legal

  • Power/generators/plenty of outlets and power cords that blend with décor but do not create safety hazards

  • Catering tent, access to power and make sure they have a bathroom with handwashing available.

  • Lawn care

  • Even ground for under the dance floor

  • Dance floor

  • Ample Parking - for guests and vendors

  • Permits (sound, alcohol, tent, etc.- this varies by state)

  • Emergency Plan

  • Low water crossing maps

  • Maps pending GPS does not work well

  • Clear signage (parking attendants can be helpful)

  • Proper draining of event space pending rain

  • Understanding of where the sunset is for photos

  • Rain plan

  • Road conditions in case of rain

  • Restroom/comfort stations

  • Pest control: Mosquitos, ants, snakes, varmints

  • Trash plan

  • Temperature control: fans, heaters, misters (tents require specific units for safety)

  • Getting ready and staging locations

  • Tent installation needs and lighting for when it gets dark

Wondering if you need a Wedding Planner?


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