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  • Liz Stam

How to Host a Green Wedding

bride and groom posing in front of pond
Photo: Juancho SC Photography

Weddings create waste. Lots of waste. People forget while dealing with family, friends, and the stress of planning a party how much it can affect the world around us. When hosting a wedding, it’s your responsibility to be conscious about how much will be thrown out after you say “I do”.

Here are a few easy ways to be conscious about your “Wedding Waste” and also help to reduce waste in other aspects of your life! WEE!

1. E-vites

Some people aren’t sold on e-invitations or save the dates because they can’t personalize them. Well, what if I told you that you can create CUTE INVITES WHILE SAVING THE PLANET? Visit Paperless Post and send the cutest e-vite you could ever imagine to your friends and family!

2. Projector

Lots of venues offer a TV or even a projector that you can use on your big day with a USB! This can help in so many ways when trying to host an eco-friendly event! A few ideas to project are your seating chart, menu, and maybe even a slideshow of your partner’s middle school days! Always be sure to utilize what you have!

3. Find eco-friendly vendors committed to recycling/composting

Doing your research before hiring each of your vendors is SO important! You are gonna have so many questions you want to ask them before you sign a contract or pay a deposit. Why not also ask them how their company handles waste management? This is an easy question to find out who will take care of you during your planning process AND after!

4. DIY

DIY always sounds more intimidating than it needs to be. You can DIY small parts of your wedding to keep it eco-conscious. Add gems to your old favorite Docs to create the perfect wedding shoe! Make your wedding day jewelry out of yarn and air-dry clay! Pass out plantable seed packets as favors! These can all be done while watching White Lotus and keep you stress FREE!

These are just a few easy and FUN ways to keep your wedding easy, breezy, & reusable! Just a little extra effort and we all can breathe a little easier while we dance the night away! :)

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