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  • Christina Hubeli

Creative Wedding Favors

ornament wedding favor
Photo: Starlight Bliss Photography

Favors are a sweet way to thank your guests for their support and presence at your wedding. But too often, favors either don’t get picked up by guests on their way out of the wedding, or couples over-order and are left with fifty candles with their new last name on it.

There are a few key characteristics to purchasing a favor your guests will enjoy for many years to come. Number one, make it useful. Number two, it doesn’t have to be personalized with your names and date on it. As much as your guests love you, they likely don’t have a need for a coozie with your names on it. Number three, consider your group of guests. If you know you don’t have a lot of coffee drinkers in your crowd, you might want to steer clear of giving guests coffee beans.

If you want to save some money on favors, consider having a favor table rather than placing favors at each of your place settings. This way, guests can choose if they’d like to take one, and you won’t need to purchase a favor for each guest. Instead, order somewhere from 50 to 75% of your guest count. Just make sure to have a sign on your favor table so guests know the goodies are for them!

So how to pick a favor that is unique and useful that your guests will love? Take a look at some of our favorites below!

1. Local Snacks

Leaning into the food scene of the city you’re getting married in is always a safe bet. If you’re getting married in Chicago, consider popcorn from Garrett or Nuts on Clark or donuts from Firecakes or Stan’s. Or, if you have a hometown snack that you grew up loving, offer this as a favor!

This could also be something that you as a couple love. Whether it’s your favorite cupcake, macaroon, candy, chip, etc., see if you’re able to order some in bulk and pack them up in cute, personal containers. Or, see if a local shop is able to offer single-serve, individual bags or boxes of your favorite snack!

2. Acrylic Coasters

If you’re looking for something a little more personal to each guest, check out these personalized Acrylic Coasters. Because these are individualized with each person’s name, these can serve double duty as both a favor and your guests’ place cards or escort cards. Your guests will treasure the thoughtfulness of these coasters, and they’re incredibly useful after the wedding.

3. Flower Seeds

Planting a sapling or plant is a common symbol of unity in wedding ceremonies, so invite your guests to join you in your new chapter by offering them flower seeds. To complete the gift, include a small pot with the seeds for guests to start growing their flowers in. You can include any type of seeds, but bonus points if it’s a flower that’s included in your wedding!

4. Tequila Shot

Get the party started by offering guests a shot of your favorite liquor. It certainly doesn’t have to be tequila -- go with whatever fits you and your partner best! Or, if you’re not a fan of shots, sub this for a mini bottle of champagne.

This is another favor option that can serve as a place card or escort card as well! All you’ll need to do is include a tag on the shot with the guest’s name.

5. Coffee Beans or Tea Leaves

If you or your partner are a coffee or tea fanatic, share your love of it with your guests! Give out little bags of your favorite coffee beans or tea leaves. If you’re divided as a couple on the coffee vs tea debate (or maybe you’re a hot chocolate lover!), offer Partner 1’s favorite coffee beans and Partner 2’s favorite tea leaves, for example.

Plus, the pun ideas here are endless -- love is brewing, thanks for bean here, the perfect blend, together for eterni-tea, grounds for celebration, etc.

6. Temporary tattoos

How freaking cute are these? This is such a great interactive gift that your guests will be loving during your reception. Nothing like getting tatted up before hitting the dance floor! This lower-cost option still has such a strong impact, and guests are sure to remember this unique favor for years to come.

With so many options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the favor this is right for your wedding and your guests. And remember, if you’re not finding something you love, you certainly don’t have to offer guests a favor! It’s okay if favors are lower in your priorities and don’t make the cut by the wedding day. Your guests will still have a wonderful time celebrating your love and marriage!

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