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  • Alexis Alvarez

Why Choosing the More Expensive Photographer is Probably Worth it Even if Their Work Looks Similar

Photo by: Alana Lindenfeld

This week our friend Alana Lindenfeld is popping onto our blog to help you choose the right photographer for you (even if it means paying a little more).

“...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

If that ain’t the truth! I wanted to start this blog post off with that quote because it is so dang true. A few months ago, I placed a poll on my Instagram story asking if people rather have beautiful photos of themselves but a not-so-great experience, or have a really great experience with photos that maybe aren’t quiiiiite as good. And can you guess what happened? Way more people voted for a good experience. Like, way more.

Now let’s look at this a different way--let’s say you’re choosing from two wedding photographers whose work and pricing is really similar. Would you opt for the one who gives you a better experience, makes you feel ultra comfortable and prepared, and confident in their abilities? Or would you choose the one who can’t give you all of that?

It’s a no brainer that most people would choose the photographer who gives them a better experience. Chances are, you’ll actually end up liking those photos of yourselves more anyways, just because of how that person made you feel.

I know I’m making you do a lot of thinking and question-answering, but let’s do one more. I want you to think of a photo that is important to you. It can be any photo, wedding-related or not.

Really, think of one!

When I ask this question during my wedding consultations, I hear a lot of answers about childhood memories and photos of people who never dance who are caught dancing together at a sibling’s wedding. It’s not the cute selfie they took the other day with the clearest skin and whitest teeth and perfect lighting. It’s the photo that has memories attached to it.

Truthfully, all photos have memories attached to them, but some memories are stronger and more meaningful than others.

This is why hiring the RIGHT photographer is SO important!!! One photographer may have beautiful work, but if you felt awkward during your engagement photos or wedding photos, you’re probably not going to love the photos when you look back on them. You’ll remember that you felt awkward and tense. On the other hand, if your photographer made you feel super comfortable, gave you lots of tips and planning advice and made the day feel relaxed and fun, you’ll see those photos in a completely different way, even if they look really similar.

Let’s rewind. Remember when I asked you to choose between two photographers who are similar in style and pricing, but one gives you a better experience? And you probably thought to yourself how it was obvious to go with the better experience, right?

This is where pricing comes into play. If you’re deciding between two photographers with similar work, both of which you love, but one costs a little more, is it because they have more experience? Is it because of the better experience they’ll provide?

Having a good experience as a client doesn’t always mean just hoping your personalities jive with your photographer’s personality--it means finding someone and hiring someone, and sometimes dishing out a little more moolah to someone, who gives you the ultimate experience that you deserve for your wedding photography. It means hiring someone who knows how to get you to loosen up, feel confident, and do it all in a professional yet friendly way.

They know what questions to ask, how to ask them, and most importantly, they’re able to read the room and adjust to your pace as the clients--not the other way around.

So if you’re stuck overthinking if you should drop an extra $1000 or $2000 or even more on one photographer over another, ask them about their process, how they take care of their clients, and read the dang reviews!!! Chances are they’re worth that extra money. Plus hey--what’s an extra $2000 on a $60,000 day?

If you want your very own photographer who truly cares about you, you can find me at or on Instagram or Facebook! See you there!


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