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  • Christina Hubeli

Top 10 Must-Have Wedding Midnight Snacks to Keep the Party Going

creative late-night snacks for 2021 2022 wedding
Photo: Steve Koo Photography

Weddings are a celebration in the fullest sense. With friends and family coming together to celebrate a loving union, your reception might get a little rowdy once the drinks start flowing.

After dinner, you’ll typically have two to three hours of open reception time with guests dancing, mingling, and drinking. As night falls and the energy levels start to drop, how do you keep your guests going? Well, by having a bunch of excellent and creative late-night snacks! Even if you won’t be offering alcohol at your nuptials, wedding days are long, and you’ll need something to get you through that late-night lull.

Here’s a list of our ten favorite late-night snacks to keep the party going!

1. Build-Your-Own Nachos

Like many good things in life, this one can get a little messy. To get guests started, have small plates with chips laid out on them. Next, guests get to get creative with their toppings! Make sure to have all the favorites, like ground beef or turkey, queso cheese, cilantro, corn, guacamole, and pico de gallo.

2. Gourmet taquitos

When you think of taquitos, the microwaveable ones you see in the frozen section of supermarkets might be the first thing that comes to mind. But with a talented chef, the high-quality taquito options are endless. Opt for different fillings like shredded beef, roasted pork, cheese, and avocado. This is a simple grab-and-go option for guests to enjoy while keeping the party going.

3. Chocolate fountain

This one is self-explanatory, but it cannot be underestimated and is such a crowd pleaser! You can offer milk, white, or dark chocolate, or even offer some specialty flavor options like peanut butter or s’mores. For items to dip into the chocolate stream, you can offer a variety of options - strawberries, bananas, wafers, marshmallows, mini cookies, and so on.

4. Your favorite fast food

Whether it’s McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Chick-fil-A, check with your venue to see if you are able to bring in your favorite fast food for your late-night snack. You can choose a variety of menu items, and who could say no to munching on some fresh McDonald’s fries?

5. Kabob skewers

With so many meat and spice options, kabobs are a delicious way to keep the party going. Plus, they’re naturally so easy to eat, so guests can chow down without worrying about making a mess. If you’re looking to offer some more variety, you can include sides like pita and hummus, roasted potatoes, or even spiced rice.

6. Trail mix bar

For a sweet and salty DIY option, try a trail mix station. The options here are truly endless - nuts, seeds, dried fruits, chocolate, popcorn, pretzels, candies. Guests can mix and match as they wish and even pack some nutty mix to take home with them.

7. Soft pretzels

Who can say no to a warm soft pretzel? Like so many of these snack options, pretzels can be served with a variety of dips and toppings so that guests can customize their late-night nosh. Try displaying hot cheese, melted chocolate, mustard, pepperoni, and more! If you want to offer a unique experience for your guests, you could even provide beer pairings to go along with the pretzels.

8. Burger sliders

Another versatile option, and an all-around favorite, are burger sliders. You can have vegan, vegetarian, and meat options so everyone is satisfied. These could be pre-made, or you can turn this into a create-your-own station by offering all the classic toppings - lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, onion, etc.

9. Steamed buns

A universally loved favorite across Asian countries and cultures, steamed buns are the ultimate comfort food. Filled with anything from sweet beans to chasu pork, the fluffy steamed buns are tantalizingly satisfying to bite into.

10. Rainbow gourmet fries

This one is definitely an eye-catcher! By using potatoes of various colors to make fries, you’ll get a dazzling spread of this delicious treat. Set these out pre-portioned in small bags or boxes so that guests can easily grab one and dig in. Don’t forget to have a few dipping options for guests too like ketchup, BBQ sauce, ranch, or melted cheese.

Whatever you choose as your late-night snack, make sure to keep any guests’ dietary restrictions in mind. You can offer a variety of vegetarian and meat options, as well as chat with your caterer to see if the above options can be made gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. so that all guests remain fed and happy.

Once the time rolls around to bring out your late-night snack, it’ll likely be the last thing on your mind, so make sure to coordinate with your caterer, venue, and planner to iron out all the service details. Then, grab a taquito or two and get back out on the dance floor!

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