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  • Beverly Saylor

What To Do When Your Floral Vision is Bigger Than Your Budget

Photo by: Colin Lyons

One of the most common concerns couples have with wedding planning is when it comes to design and florals. You’ve just shown your florist your inspiration photos, they asked you some questions, and sent back a proposal - and wow! Sticker shock is probably real right now.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! As wedding professionals, it’s our goal to bring our client’s dreams to life. But between tight budgets and elaborate, ever-changing Pinterest trends, it can start feeling like a recipe for disappointment when navigating your wedding florals.

Many couples have their hearts set on a particular floral arrangement, only to find out that it will eat up half (or more) of their total budget. So, what can you do about this?

Tip 1: Be Flexible

Being flexible will allow you to get the dreamy look you want and love at a price you can actually afford. Flexibility allows for increased quality and realistic expectations. When you’re flexible with the type of flower you want, for instance, your florist can provide you with alternatives that are in-season and fit your budget but still capture the look you’re going for.

Take peonies for example. They are stunning! But also expensive. Why? They’re only in season for a short window of time, which makes them difficult to source. This drives up the price and time it takes to acquire them. They are also a larger flower with layers of petals. This larger size generally makes them more expensive than their less showy counterparts. And the third problem is a simple supply and demand issue - they’re beautiful and everyone knows it.

Being flexible will allow your florist to suggest lookalikes that are similar in size, shape, and feel, but with a much lower price tag. The takeaway here is that flexibility helps prevent you from paying a premium price for unnecessary reasons - like choosing out-of-season floral which costs the most but isn’t even at the peak of its quality.

Tip 2: Be Intentional

Search for and find those areas of your wedding where a big floral piece will have the biggest impact. You can’t recreate every single one of those stunning Pinterest images that you have your heart set on. Choose one and pick the area of focus.

Perhaps you don’t have the budget for a luscious floral arch as the focal point of your ceremony. Instead, try an aisle runner of ombre rose petals like the photo below. The visual impact here is excellent compared to the cost! And the blending colors naturally usher your eyes to the front of the space, creating an entrance that demands attention.

By using intentional design, we created a look that our client loved and helped stretch the value out of every petal. Intentional designs exceed expectations every single time because these are the pieces that are specifically created for your wedding to WOW you and your guests.

Photo by: Dan Aguirre

Tip 3: Try the Trust Fall

It is so important to trust your floral designer! It allows you to enjoy the experience. Trust is hard, we get it. But chances are, you’ve hired your florist based on their expertise, experience, and talent. They live and breathe weddings and will likely go above and beyond your expectations. So why not trust them?

Putting your trust in your florist will allow them to take your ideas, inspiration, and perspective and translate them into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. By hand selecting each bloom, considering its placement, color, size, texture, and shape, florists use nature to curate art that reflects you as a couple. It’s great to have those inspo pics at the ready, but I encourage you to let go and trust the floral designer that really understands your vision.

So close your eyes, take a breath, and trust fall into the very experienced arms of that floral designer who is waiting to catch a client just like you.

Tip 4: Do DIY But Be Realistic

DIY-ing can be a great money saver, but be realistic when it comes to your limitations and how much you can handle. Consider if you have the time, space, and skills to tackle the projects you’re thinking about taking on. It’s perfectly acceptable to purchase your bouquet from a florist and plan to create some centerpieces on your own. But beware! The last thing we want is for you to be up at 3 AM the night before your wedding struggling to finish that DIY greenery runner. Be honest with yourself about what you’ll be able to handle.

If you are DIY-ing, ask your florist if they are willing to help you with a bulk order of loose stems for your project. This can help you to know how much product to order, ensure you get quality blooms, and get flowers that match any pieces the florist is creating for you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Add Things You Don’t Need Just to Check Off a Box

If you don’t feel like personal flowers for your grandparents are important, don’t feel the need to pay for them just because! Really make sure that you are being intentional about where you’re spending your money and that it’s focused on the areas that are most important to you as a couple.

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