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  • Christina Hubeli

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Attire Fittings

what to expect at a wedding attire fitting
Photo: Emma Mullins Photography

Whether you’ll be wearing a dress, suit, or jumpsuit on your wedding day, it’s such an exciting moment to find the piece of attire that makes you look and feel wonderful for your big day. However, that attire isn’t quite ready for you to slip into just yet. Unlike the average dress you buy in the store, a wedding gown will need to be altered a few times before your wedding day to ensure it fits perfectly.

Fortunately, wedding fittings aren’t a complicated process. Just come prepared, leave everything up to your seamster, and you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle in no time!

If you’re not sure what happens during a fitting or you don’t know what to expect, don’t stress. Here are the things you will need to keep in mind when getting your gorgeous attire ready for your special day!

Have undergarments, shoes, and accessories ready

Before you go to your first fitting, have the undergarments and shoes you’re going to wear with your attire ready and bring them with you. Switching your shoes or even your bra can change how your attire fits.

When picking out your shoes for the wedding day, consider all the places you’ll be having to walk; if your ceremony is in grass or another spot with uneven terrain, you may want to opt for flats or a block heel to ensure you won’t be sinking with each step. Also consider where you’ll be taking photos. If you’ll be going to a location like the beach, chat with your photographer to see if you’ll be walking through sand or if there’s a pier you’ll be able to walk along.

It’s also a great idea to bring along some accessories you want to wear with your attire and decide which ones work best with your overall look! If your attire has a lower neckline, a statement necklace or pair of earrings are great options. If you’ll be saying “I do” during a colder month, consider purchasing a fuzzy shawl to keep you warm. For a suit, determine if you'd prefer a tie, bowtie, and/or pocket square. And if you’re not a big accessories person, that is totally fine too! Opt for what makes you feel your best.

Book your first fitting about six weeks before your wedding

Once you purchase your attire, ask the boutique where they recommend getting alterations done. In general, anything with “bridal” or “wedding” in the name will be more specialized and therefore may cost you a bit more than a seamster that advertises other alternation types. If you’d like to shop around, you can always get some quotes from a few different places and then make your final decision.

Your first fitting is all about making sure your attire is the right size, design, and color. This is also the time to ensure your seamster understands the alternations that need to be made. With that said, look for areas that need to be let out, taken in, shortened, lengthened, etc. If you need a bustle added, make sure to let your seamster know! While your seamster will be able to see what areas need adjusting, let them know if there are any other areas that aren’t feeling quite right.

Be sure to bring with you all of the undergarments you’ll be wearing and bring a trusted friend or family for an extra set of eyes to confirm you don’t miss anything.

Schedule your second fitting 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding

Your second fitting is your opportunity to ensure all the concerns pointed out in your first fitting have been fixed. Also, make sure you feel entirely comfortable in your attire and can move around well in it. Try walking, sitting, dancing, etc. If you see a problem, don’t hesitate to point it out! You may have to schedule more fittings before you get it completely right.

Get the details right on your final fitting

Your final fitting is the time to make sure you know how to put on and take care of your attire. Do you and a trusted wedding party member know how to unbutton your dress? Are there any complicated straps you need to learn how to manage? Learning these things will eliminate any unwanted stress when getting dressed on your big day.

Also show a friend or family member how to bustle your train if needed. These can be complicated, and if the appointed person hasn’t bustled a gown before, it’s best for them to practice a few times so that it’s a smooth and easy process on wedding day.

All that’s left after your last fitting is to pick up your attire! To ensure it is picture-perfect, pick up your attire at least one to two weeks before your wedding day just in case there are any last-minute issues your seamster needs to fix.

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