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  • Christina Hubeli

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Trends

2022 2023 fall wedding trends

In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks released their fall drinks yesterday, meaning that autumn is here (despite what the calendar and this 80-degree weather says!). It’s time to break out the cozy sweaters, light up that fall-scented candle, and dust off your family’s pumpkin pie recipe.

Along with all the glorious activities, drinks, and foods fall has to offer, you also have the opportunity to lean into autumnal wedding trends. Now, you probably know that the Burst team is all about making your wedding scream YOU, despite what trends (or family and friends) may say. And that being said, seasonal trends certainly do not need to be limited to their range of months. If you’re getting married in June and want to offer guests apple cider and a selection of pies for dessert, go for it. Or if your nuptials are planned for January and you want a bright and vivid color palette, don’t let anything hold you back. It’s your wedding, and you can do what you want!

So on that note, below are some of our favorite fall wedding trends, perfect for any time of the year.

Fall Decor

Let’s talk colors first. You can of course incorporate the more obvious colors of fall into your color scheme -- burnt oranges, burgundies, deep greens, and warm yellows. Autumn is also a great time to incorporate jewel tones like magenta, deep teal, and emerald. If you’re looking to lighten up your palette, consider sage, ivory, blush pink, or light peach.

In terms of decor, candles are a great way to create that warm, cozy fall look. Include leaves or branches into your centerpieces to capture a rustic fall look. Or, you could write your guests’ names on colorful leaves for seasonal appropriate place cards. Pumpkins (mini or regular sized) can also add a nice pop of color to your decor. Use them in the entryway of your venue, lining your aisle, or as a unique element in your centerpieces.

Dried flowers scream autumn and add texture to your decor. You could also include dried or fresh seasonal fruits into your decorations like apples or pears.


Fall means that there are so many delicious ingredients in-season. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cranberries, apples, brussel sprouts (and of course pumpkin) -- the list goes on. Your caterer will likely feature many of these on their pre-set menus, but you can also discuss any specific items you’re looking for with your chef.

On the dessert side of things, pie is likely the first autumn-friendly that comes to mind. Seasonal favorites like apple, pumpkin, and pecan are sure to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. If you’ll be having a dessert bar, include fall favorites like pumpkin cookies, apple crisp, caramel-pecan cheesecake, or apple cider donuts.

If you want to get guests involved with their eats, set up a create-your-own caramel apple station with toppings like crushed nuts, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Or, keep your guests warm by the fire with a make-your-own s’mores bar.


Alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you’ll have plenty of options for seasonal drinks at your wedding. Hot or cold, apple cider will be enjoyed by both your adult guests and the kiddos. If you want to offer an adults-only version, add in some spiced rum for a delicious autumn signature drink.

If you’re more about the pumpkin side of things, the options for a signature drink here are also endless, like a pumpkin pie martini or pumpkin old fashioned. Include the beer lovers of your group in the festivities by offering a pumpkin ale.

With the crisp weather, an autumn wedding is the perfect time for a hot chocolate or coffee bar. Include seasonal mix-ins with your spread like pumpkin or hazelnut creamer and cinnamon sticks.

Guest Experience

No matter the season, it’s always trendy to really think about providing your guests with the best experience possible! If you’ll be hosting an outdoor ceremony, consider providing guests with blankets to keep them warm in case of chilly weather. For an autumn-specific guest book alternative, have guests sign a pumpkin or wooden leaves that you can combine to create a tree.

If you have outdoor space, set up lawn games like cornhole, giant tic-tac-toe, or pumpkin bowling to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour. When it’s time for guests to depart, send them home with a seasonal favor like a local jar of honey or maple syrup, a bag of caramel popcorn, a mini candle, or a personalized coffee mug.

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