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  • Christina Hubeli

6 Things To Do This Summer Instead of Wedding Planning

Activities to do this summer instead of wedding planning

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s the perfect time to give yourself a break from wedding planning. We know that you don’t want wedding planning to consume your life, and it doesn’t have to! Our process has built-in planning breaks so that you have time away from the checklists & details to really enjoy your engagement and avoid wedding planning burnout.

We want you to love your engagement, no matter how long or short it might be. And the summer is the perfect time to take a step away, soak up the sun, and have some fun with your family, friends, and soon-to-be spouse.

Here are 6 great summertime activities that have absolutely nothing to do with your wedding:

1. Travel

After a year of no travel, we’re thrilled to finally be able to start safely traveling again. Whether you’re visiting a new destination or heading to a long-time favorite, just having the opportunity to travel is exciting in itself!

Not looking to jet-set across the country? Plan a staycation in your hometown. Book a hotel room for the weekend, make a reservation at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try, and have an adventure right in your own city.

2. Spend Quality Time with Friends & Family

Chances are, adding wedding planning to your plate ate up a bit more of your free time, and you may not be seeing your friends and family as much these days. Find some time this summer to reconnect with those you haven’t been in touch with as much lately. Grab a bite to eat, go for a walk, or schedule that group FaceTime you’ve been putting off.

And don’t forget about your wedding party! Take some time to thank them for the support they’ve given you throughout the wedding planning process. If your conversations have been centered around wedding planning recently, treat them to a drink or coffee and commit to leaving wedding talk off the table.

3. Treat Yourself

Wedding planning can get stressful so make sure you’re taking the time to take care of yourself, however that looks to you. Schedule an at-home spa day complete with a bubble bath, candles, face masks, and a mani-pedi. And hey, maybe your partner will even throw in a free massage!

Looking for other ways to treat yourself? Go shopping for a new outfit you feel amazing in, grab a scoop from your favorite ice cream spot, read your favorite book, buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers - do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed.

4. Plan an Outdoor Date Night

Take some time to get out of the house and go on a date with your partner. The options here are endless! Go see a movie in the park, attend an outdoor concert, plan a picnic, do something active like kayaking or playing tennis, go to the beach, visit the zoo, splash around at a waterpark, get your adrenaline pumping at an amusement park...the list goes on!

5. Try a New Recipe

There are so many delicious and versatile ingredients in season during the summer to experiment with! If you’re looking to get creative, try to recreate your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant. Or, have a cook-off with your partner and see whose creation comes out on top!

You’ll have a great new recipe in your repertoire and get to indulge in a delicious meal. If you’re more into baking, try creating a summery dessert like strawberry shortcake, ice cream sandwiches, or peach cobbler.

6. Sign Up for That Class You’ve Been Eyeing

Whatever that class is: pottery, painting, group fitness, cooking, mixology, coding, music. This could be the summer that you develop a cool new hobby! And who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to incorporate your newfound skill into your wedding.

However you choose to spend your summer, make sure to take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a step away from wedding planning. We promise that the checklists will still be there when you come back!

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