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  • Ally Alford

2023 Wedding Trends

newlyweds kissing in front of ice cream truck
Photo: Juancho SC Photography

PHEW! What a season it has been for us planners, couples, and wedding industry friends. Let’s go ahead and dive into wedding trends of 2022 and see if they are gonna stick around for another year!

To start, we can touch on design & floral. I think we were all very excited to see more COLOR!! While white and green is still chic and elegant, we cannot get over all of the fun colors we saw this season and how excited it made us. Bright colors, unique color palettes. It was amazing. ALSO! Love seeing groomsmen in more bold attire like greens, golds, and blues. The traditional black can get so boring and if the bridesmaids can get fun, why can’t the groomsmen? Our very own creative director, Beverly, is currently loving Magenta and I am obsessed with it.

Another big trend this year is having more private or intimate ceremonies with a bigger party during the weekend. It makes it more personable to have your near and dear people at your ceremony and then inviting a lot of people to your reception! In addition to this, we obviously have started seeing a lot more micro weddings and smaller parties in general!

Reception things: there are a lot!! Big food truck comeback happening right now. This is so nice for a cocktail style reception and just makes everything a little more lax. Additionally, we have seen way more interactive ideas for receptions. This includes tattoo artists, tarot card readers, WEED bar, karaoke, and so much more! It makes weddings more FUN and less stressful with a specific schedule! My favorite thing this year…. BUTT DRAWING. @Radillustrates draws butts at weddings (amongst other parties/events) and it is the coolest thing ever. Lastly, a big trend is more elevated cocktails and desserts. For example, We saw chocolate martinis and cookies which are damn cute. I also love seeing couples get creative with signature cocktail names. Makes it so fun!

While there are so many trends from this season of weddings, there are many more to come and we can not wait to see what our 2023 and 2024 couples have in store for this next season of weddings!

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