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  • Alexis Alvarez

Friday Faves: My Favorite Moments of the Wedding Planning Process

I've been away from our Friday Faves series for a while and wanted to hop back in this week with a new post about my favorite parts of the wedding planning process! I seriously love each and every step of the journey with my couples, but there are definitely some IG story highlights along the way!

1. Booking the date. So this is exciting to me as a planner & business owner obviously because new clients=new income. Duh. BUT what is really the most exciting part of booking the date to me is that every.single.couple. I have EVER booked has always said after the dotted line is signed: "I already feel so much more relaxed." --- THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!

2. The first planning meeting. These are SO FUN! Most times the couple and I have not officially met in person yet, so sitting down for brunch, having time to break the ice & get to know each other, letting them unpack all of the stress they've been carrying around about the wedding & just letting them dream (while I take diligent notes of course) is such a blast for me! I've actually got a 1st planning meeting tomorrow with a new bride & I have been so giddy about it all week!

3. Booking vendors. When we finally find that perfect venue or the florist who gets our vision or the photographer that so clearly understands the couple's vibe & can tell their story photographically - it's always such a highlight moment for me. Their excitement with each new vendor & knowing that they are starting to see all of the pieces fall into place before their eyes... it's in these moments I feel so in sync with my couples, because I know they're starting to see what I see.

4. The final details meeting. This meeting takes place 6-8 weeks before the wedding. It's where we put everything on the table & walk through the day, as if it's happening tomorrow. Flower arch here, gifts table here - then flip it to favors, 1st look at Olive Park, bridal party photos on Michigan Ave, petals exit, limo out front for get away, drive around block & back to church for family photos, bridal party introductions to "24K Magic", surprise choreographed father/daughter dance, last call at 11:30, sparklers exit 11:45pm, breakdown by 1am. While it's a long & exhaustive meeting, it's where all of our final boxes are checked, my couples are DONE working (other than packing for their honeymoon & putting together wedding day gratuities) and those final confirmations & timeline are all on me. They can truly relax and enjoy the final month before their wedding, while we do what we do best. PLAN.

5. The rehearsal. Ya'll the rehearsal quite possibly tops the wedding day for me. THE JOY!!! The bride & groom are elated. Their family & friends are surrounding them, they're counting down the hours til they say I do. The planning is done & they are doing their practice round of GETTING FREAKIN MARRIED. The only people in attendance are their VIPS. It's intimate. Everyone is glowing & I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

6. The wedding day. Obvii, right? Well, wedding days are long for us vendors. Especially us planners. I'm usually up by 6am with my kiddos, eating a wholesome breakfast, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, slugging water like it's my job, and trying to enjoy the hour or so I have with my family before it's go time. I'm usually out the door by 9am, arriving on location around 10:30 to girls already donning movie premier hair & make up and from there, I literally don't stop moving until about 1am, and then I still have to drive home. It's a long day. But in that day, I see a couple go from shy soon-to-be a husband/wife bundle of nerves to elated that they've just committed to their best friend & lifelong partner, ready to celebrate their asses off. And no matter how many vows I hear, crying grooms or glow brides I see, first dances, father/daughter dances, mother/son dances, surprise moments for the guests, surprise moments for the couples, speeches I hear... it never ever gets old. Then to see my creative work all come together into a beautiful setting for these memories to take place in, it reminds me of my why every time.

At Lillian Rose Events we know that a lot of couples get engaged & quickly go from over the moon to completely overwhelmed. We walk through the wedding planning process with you, side by side, with a planning structure that is designed to keep planning simple & fun.

And I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Wondering if you need a Wedding Planner?

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