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  • Alexis Alvarez

Wedding Registry Ideas

Signing up for your wedding registry is an important part of any wedding planning. Check out the downloadable list at the bottom of the page for all the registry essentials!

The easiest way to build a wedding registry is to mentally go room by room. Thinking about each room individually and from there decide what you may want or need. An easy way to fill in your “need” gaps is to keep a list on your phone of things you find yourself needing that you might not think to buy while you’re at the store, like maybe a juicer or a mandolin slicer.

Get creative with your registry as well! You might find yourself not needing or wanting much, but instead feeling like you two need some TLC, so maybe start a honeymoon fund and asks guests to donate to that!

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to register at more than one store.

  • Cover all price points.

  • Make sure you and your fiancé register early.

  • Make sure you are registering it together, both of your opinions are important

Most importantly, make sure you register for what you two want and need. Just because everyone else asks for bed sheets and shower curtains doesn’t mean that that is what you should include as well.

What If We Already Live Together?:

If you and your fiancé are already living together, a wedding registry might seem redundant, however there are plenty of things you can ask your family and friends for!

Sometimes after living together for quite some time you find yourself constantly thinking of small things you need. Ever needed to fix something without a toolkit? Or perhaps you need a fan for those hot summer months, or a back massager for those long days at work. Any and all of these common household items are fair game for your registry.

Marrying your fiancé after living together offers you the chance to make your house into a home. Make your place extra cozy with candles, or new pillows and blankets. Treat yourself to brand new bedding, pillowcases and a comforter. Take the time to actually decorate your home!

You can also take this opportunity to ask for more fun things! It doesn’t all need to be practical. You can ask for a new TV, board games, or maybe a poster or a piece of art. You can also ask for things related you household hobbies. For example, if you like cooking together you can upgrade some of your kitchen appliances or register for cookbooks and food-related subscription boxes. If gardening is your thing, register for pots and supplies.

If you really have anything, don’t be afraid to ask for donations to a favorite charity of yours. What's your registry must have? Let us know in the comments!

Ready for your downloadable registry list? GET IT HERE

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