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  • Alexis Alvarez

How to Involve a Step Parent in your Wedding

Step-parents are an difficult topic when it comes to wedding planning; how does one involve this additional parent in their ceremony, along with their biological family? There are a few ways to go about doing this—no matter what kind of relationship you have.

Photo Credit: Anya Albonett

1. Walking down the aisle. It's an important piece that usually falls to the father(s) of the bride. One way to go about this is having both the biological father and the step-father give the bride away together—representing the whole family. Another is doing a half-walk, where the biological father walks halfway, and the step-father walks the rest of the way with you. Another option here is to have your stepparent walk with the parent they are married to, or in the case of step-moms of the bride; have her be escorted by a sibling, so she is included in the processional.

2. Pledge of Support. One way we're seeing all parents get involved is a pledge of support. Instead of giving away the bride, all parents - biological & step; bride & groom - pledge their support of the couple & to help them navigate the waters of their new marriage.

3. Parent Dances. When it’s time to hit the dance floor don’t stress! There can be two dances with both dads or moms. Take your time and don’t feel a need to cut the song short.

4. Planning. Include both mom & stepmom in the planning!

5. Bouts & Corsages. Giving these additional family members this special accessory reserved for parents would be another great way to involve them in your special day!

Let’s not forget—you’re not alone! Most couples are working through the best ways to honor their step-parents in their wedding. You can always use community forums like WeddingWire if you’re ever looking for fellow brides-to-be to chat with. You got this!

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