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  • Alexis Alvarez

7 Ways to Include Your Furry Friends Into Your Wedding

Our weddings days are supposed to be the most magical day of our lives, where we are surrounded by all of our loved ones. But what happens if you find yourself thinking about that one special cat or dog that’s all alone at home? Whether it’s a shared pet between you and your fiancé or one you grew up with, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Severin Photography

1. Include them in your engagement photos. Let’s be honest, you guys are already pros at taking photos together. Here’s some inspiration if you need some. 2. Let them be the ring bearer or flower girl. Not all of us have adorable nieces and nephews to fill this job title, so why not give it to your furry friend? 3. Include them on your cake topper. Many companies will gladly include your pet on a commissioned piece. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make one yourself out of clay! 4. Mention your beloved pet in your vows. This way you are committing yourself to each other and your furry sidekicks. 5. Use pictures of you and your pet as table number cards. Making your own table number cards is not only a great way to save some money, but it’s also a fun way to get creative and visually describe your relationship to your soon-to-be husband or wife. What better way to do so than making cards featuring the cutest and/or funniest photos you have of you and your pets. 6. Dress to impress. Make sure your pet is dressed to the nines by having them wearing a bow or bowtie. You can also go the extra mile and get them fitted for a tiny tux or tutu. If your pet can’t stand any sort of clothing, just switch things up and get them a special-occasion collar and leash. This is a super cute way to make sure that they are camera ready! 7. Forgo favors and make a donation to a local shelter instead. This is definitely one of the more impactful ways you can include your pet. Making a small donation in everyone’s name (or one larger donation) ensures that cats and dogs just like yours can have their own chances to find a forever home.

If you are opting to have your pet present on your wedding day, make sure to have a designated pet-sitter on hand to constantly be watching them because let’s be honest, sometimes they can be troublemakers. If you know in advance that your pet will be present, try to say so on the save-the- date or the invitation as a courtesy to guests that might have allergies.

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