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  • Alexis Alvarez

Cat Party Details: Lily's 1st Birthday

As some of you may know, the Lillian behind Lillian Rose Events is my now 1 year old daughter, Lily. This past Saturday we celebrated her birthday in style with her favorite thing in the entire world: cats!!!

You can imagine as a professional party planner that I had some high expectations of myself for her 1st birthday party. Our budget for her party was $250 and I am SO happy with how it turned out!

Venue: My mom & dad's house - they have this gorgeous backyard with a pool & trampoline. It was purrrrfect for a summer birthday party!

Food: Our family lives by the "Keep it Simple, Stupid" rule. We did Little Ceasar's $5 hot and ready pizzas. It was cheap and we because there is a location a few blocks from my parent's house, we were able to buy as needed instead of having a ton of left over food that we paid for and no one ate.

Cake: We ordered a themed cupcake cake from our local Walmart bakery, which came with 24 cupcakes & then an additional 2 dozen cupcakes on the side. It also came with a free smash cake for little one!!! Overall, I was surprisingly happy with the quality of the cupcake cake, especially given the total out of pocket cost of $29!!!

Party Supplies:

Here's the layout of the table. We kept it really simple. Paper plates & cups, plastic utensils, and some fun favors! I'll get into what I did to theme the party supplies below.

Cups: They're your basic Dollar Tree paper cups that I drew cat faces on with sharpies. I think they turned out super adorable and Lily, who's two favorite words are "cat" and "cup" couldn't stop screaming "CAT CUP!!!"

Plates: Again, we used Dollar Tree paper plates. All I did here was cut ears and tape them onto the back of the rims.

Favors: We had 2 favors for the kiddos - snack bags of Goldfish and fun cat ears to wear. The kids couldn't have cared less about the cat ears, but loved the Goldfish (who doesn't?) but the adults LOVED the cat ears!!!

Goldfish Snack bags: I used Dollar Tree loot bags, Goldfish and yarn to assemble these bags. It was really simple. Put some Goldfish in the bag and tie it closed with a yarn ball tie.

Cat Ears: We just ordered a few multi packs on Amazon. For the birthday girl, we added a princess crown clip to the center.

Decoration: All we really did for decoration were cat balloons!! SO CUTE!!! I got regular 'ol latex balloons from Party City, taped construction paper ears to the top, and drew a cute cat face on them!

It was an awesome 1st birthday and I love the way it turned out. Lily was so excited to have cats everywhere!!!

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