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  • Alexis Alvarez

How to Find Your Wedding Dress Style

Walking into a wedding dress shop can sometimes be intimidating. You have dresses everywhere and it seems like the racks go on for miles. But don’t fret! This is often time the most fun you’ll have planning for your perfect day because who didn’t love playing dress-up as a child? You get to become a real life princess with a big, fluffy gown topped with gorgeous jewels and live in a fantasy world for a day.

Let’s take a look at four simple tips to finding the perfect wedding dress that fits your style.

Be open minded

Simple silhouettes don’t look appealing to you? Not really sure about that dress with a thousand layers of tulle? You never really know unless you try it on. Now’s the time to experiment with different styles, silhouettes, even different shades of white. Instead of a sweetheart neckline, go for a jewel neckline. The possibilities are endless and why it may seem overwhelming, you know you spent the time picking a gown you’ll be happy with.

Take the untraditional route

The days of untraditional weddings are becoming more real as brides are testing the waters with different outfits altogether. They’re replacing the dress with pantsuits, crop tops and shorter hemlines.

Listen to suggestions

You know your friends and family love you, and who knows you better than them? Sure, them putting their two cents into every wedding decision is sometimes not helpful, but really listen to them when it comes to the dress. It helps to see how you look from a different set of eyes. Just don’t let it influence your final decision. This is your wedding, after all.

Go with your gut

We, as humans, just know when something is right. We don’t need a reason or explanation as to why, we just feel it. When you can’t take your eyes off the mirror with you standing on the pedestal in that dress, it’s time to say yes… To the dress. Sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that.

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