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  • Alexis Alvarez

The 4 Things Guests Complain About Most at Weddings

Photo by: Sean Cook Weddings

A few days ago I posted a question asking my IG followers what the worst thing they've ever seen at a wedding was. I expected answers about color palettes and bridesmaids' dresses, but the answers were so revealing.

We ask every couple we talk with why they're hosting a wedding (verses eloping) and what they are most excited about on the wedding day. Almost all of the answers revolve around guests & gathering together.

We know you want to create a memorable & fun experience for your loved ones! Otherwise, you wouldn't be hosting a wedding. So what are the things your guests are most likely to complain about after (or even worse - during) the wedding?


Photo by: Sean Cook Weddings

From running out of food to plastic bowls filled with Doritos & ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner we heard story after story of bad catering experiences. The reality is that on your wedding day you are in this super strange position of both guests of honor AND host. You cannot forget that you are HOSTING people. Now, there are pieces of this job that can & should be delegated, but spending the budget with guests in mind is something only you can do & this first and foremost means thoughtful food.

Some things to think through when planning your catering experience: food that will please most people, allergies & vegan/vegetarian dietary restrictions (forget Cousin Becky's keto preferences), buffet/station/bar/food truck wait times, dinner service times, and ensuring there is enough food served that your guests won't be hungry.

Golden rule: hungry guests are grumpy guests.


Photo by: Alana Lindenfeld Photography

Not reserving a ceremony location & assuming it would be magically available, escort cards not alphabetized, no one directing guests where to go/what to do when couple & family left for photos... so many examples of bad planning & execution.

Honestly friends, just hire a Wedding Planner. You don't have to fork out $6-10K for full service, but you should at least have a professional guiding you through the planning process, helping you avoid costly & embarrassing mistakes and helping you execute in the final months.


Photo by: Danielle Marie Images

I have some of my own bad speeches stories, but most of our couples follow us even after their weddings, so I'm going to keep those stories to myself, but I read anecdotes of everything from moms breaking out into unexpected songs to Maids of Honor serving up backhanded compliments and Best Men mentioning exes and illegal college escapades. Speeches are uniquely placed in the day's events that they can set a super awkward tone right as you're going into the party... not to mention, many times they're being recorded.

We send all speech givers some tips before the wedding, but if you're not an LRE client and are looking for some tried and true tips from some industry pros, check out this video from NightOwls Media on How To Give the BEST Best Man/MOH Speech.

A WAY TOO DRUNK _________

Photo by: Alana Lindenfeld Photography

Grooms hiding under tables drinking straight from the bottle, bridesmaids being carried down the aisle, moms screaming at brides on the dance floor, brides crying in bathrooms & refusing to go to the reception... I could literally go on and on. Most of the responses we received were telling horror stories of people getting wayyy too drunk and embarrassing not only themselves but the couple & their families.

Have a conversation with your VIPs about expectations surrounding liquor consumption, talk with your bartending/catering manager about cutting off guests who have had too much to drink & assign a Wedding Day Decision Maker who can ask a guest (yes, even a VIP) to leave if they're starting to act out of hand.

Wondering if you need a Wedding Planner?


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