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  • Alexis Alvarez

Our Favorite Wedding Moments Ever

With the shithole that is 2020 coming to a close, we were in desperate need of some JOY over here at LRE HQ. So we went reminiscing through old wedding photos and made a list of our favorite wedding moments ever.

Come cry along with us as we take you down memory lane.

Important note: these are all tied for first place and are listed in no particular order!

Becky & Brian Dancing Their Asses Off

When Becky & Brian got married back in 2018, it was a looooong day. It was an early start to getting ready with an early afternoon ceremony at Madonna della Strada Chapel and a late evening black-tie reception at The Drake. Without spilling all of their tea, there was some light drama and tears shed on the wedding day, so to see them dancing their asses off after their mid-reception outfit change, was one of the best moments.

The most heartbreaking experience for us is when couples to get to the end of their wedding day & feel like the investment (emotional, time, financial) wasn't worth it. I was so worried that's where we were headed, when I saw this. Turns out Becky & Brian had a fab time & we're so stoked that they did!

Photo by: Colin Lyons Photography

Marcelo's Surprise Serenade to Melissa

Melissa gifted Marcelo with a new guitar for his wedding gift. Marcelo decided to thank her by serenading her mid-ceremony and bringing Melissa & the entire group of guests and vendors to tears.

Photos by: Danielle Marie Images

Handstand Competition at Cassie & Mike's Wedding

Mike started practicing gymnastics in college and there's a little tradition that at every wedding, the gymnast friends participate in a handstand competition. The goal is to stay on your hands as long as possible and as each contestant falls they are eliminated.

It was so fun & the winner was their friend, Wronk (blue shirt, pinstripes pants, excellent form)

Photo by: Sheldon Collective

Darcy's Walk With Her Mom & Dance With Her Brother

Darcy's dad had a medical emergency just before the start of her ceremony that led to him being hospitalized. It was hands down the hardest thing our team has ever experienced on a wedding day.

The wedding continued with Darcy walking down the aisle with her mom and dancing a brother/sister dance with her brother in place of the dance with her dad.

Dad ended up being ok & was released from the hospital the next morning.

Photos by: Maria Campbell Photography

Ashley Losing Her Shit During Her Vows

If you've been around here longer than a month, you've probably seen this photo because it's one of my all time favorites. Ashley feels alllll the feels on the daily and her wedding day was no different. Girl tried SO HARD to get through her vows but just couldn't. There was laughter and so so many happy tears creating an absolutely unforgettable moment!

Photo by: Sean Cook Weddings

Marlyn & Daniel's Wedding Photo Shoot

When I tell you this couple went through it all during their 2-year engagement, I mean IT ALL. A surprise pregnancy (her name is Delimar and she's the cutest), a venue bankruptcy, one COVID postponement, a micro-ceremony, and finally a COVID cancellation. But one thing we DID do is create a wedding photo shoot with their photographer where they got all glammed and got their keepsake photos.

Photo by: Sheldon Collective

Janis & Jinsol Rehearsing Their First Dance

Janis isn't one to love attention. She's pretty introverted & got overwhelmed with the attention and constant pull in every direction of the wedding day. She was also feeling very overwhelmed by the looming first dance that she & Jinsol had decided to choreograph to their favorite song from Lala Land. During cocktail hour J&J snuck away for a quiet moment and a quick rehearsal before their big moment. Their photographer, Sean Cook, was able to catch the sweet moment.

And their first dance?? IT WAS A HIT!

Photos by: Sean Cook Weddings

Annette & Martin's Ceremony

When I met Annette & Martin they expressed how important it was to them to create a wedding day that honored both of their cultures (Black Southern Culture & Mexican Culture). We had so many fun ways we did this, but my favorite part of the day was the way they structured their ceremony to reflect both of their cultural marriage traditions. From having two priests each from their own religious denomination to having half of the ceremony be performed in Spanish and the inclusion of Las Arras, the lasso unity ceremony, and the jumping of the broom. Their ceremony was completely custom & inclusive of the multi-cultural family they were creating.

Photo by: Steve Koo Photography

Kunal's Surprise Poetry Reading

Kunal has long written poems for Paige about his love for her, so it only made sense for him to surprise her with a reading of a poem he wrote for their wedding day. I'm crying, you're crying, we're all crying. The best part is that their magician wedding filmmaker, Hampton Roads, took the audio & put it as the sound to their wedding film.

Video by: Hampton Road Studios

Mike's Vows

Ok, so Cassie & Mike were already featured once, but Mike's Vows are easily the best vows I have ever heard. They were funny, sweet, sentimental. When I tell you that everyone in that room laughed and cried and laughed some more... it was pure magic.

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Photo by: Sheldon Collective

Nick's Brother's Virtual Appearance

Before COVID was a thing, Nick's brother's wife had a baby like 3 days before Nick's wedding & was no longer able to attend. So we set up an iPad on a stand, taped a boutonniere to the iPad & had him FaceTime into the wedding as Best Man. He put on his suit & everything! It was pure GOLD. Then he called in later to give his Best Man speech! Who knew they'd end up being streets ahead of 2020 weddings?

Photo by: This Is Feeling

2020 may not have had as many weddings & magical moments as we expected, but we're so excited to make more memories with you all in 2021!

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