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  • Beverly Saylor

2023 Wedding Trends

elevated wedding cake
Photo: Aaron Ehinger Photography

As the event season wraps up for fall events, it's time to shift to design details for weddings in the upcoming year. So many new trends have been showing up, and I am so excited to tell you about some of my favorites! Join me as we say goodbye to blush and pampas grass and hello to new personalized weddings that really reflect you as a couple.

First up, Wedding Fashion! After finding that perfect partner and saying YES, the next few months start to be filled with questions from vendors and friends that begin shaping the style for your wedding. That wedding day style begins to take form when you can sit back and close your eyes start to see your big day. One of the most meaningful parts of that mental image is the attire. The dress, suit, pantsuit, etc that you choose should really be something that makes you feel amazing. Feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself is always more important than any trend. However if you find yourself excited about any of these upcoming trends, then why not have a little bit of fun!

  • Overskirts: This is such a beautiful way to get two or even three different looks in one dress! With this look, it is so easy to go from a dramatic ceremony look to a sleek, sexy reception vibe. Speaking of a sexy look, don’t sleep on the high-cut slit for a long-leg flirty look.

  • Reception Mini Dresses & Pantsuits: There is just nothing quite like that down-the-aisle feel of a gown that is probably the most formal and honestly expensive outfit of your life. As much as I love that for you, I’m also really out here celebrating my couples that are stretching the ideas of traditions and opting for kick-ass pantsuits and mini dresses to dance the night away in. You made it down the aisle so go change, celebrate, and shake it baby! I’m loving beads, sequins, and fringe here. YOU are the disco ball of this party... it’s your time to shine.

  • Micro Veils: If the thought of a long veil draped around your perfectly styled curls isn’t for you but you still want the romance factor, consider a micro veil. These are so stylish and easy to wear. They are much lighter than the longer versions and tend to stay put. I like to see pearl accents here and generally a simple style that flirts with a classic look. This micro style allows you to be comfortable and feel like yourself while not sacrificing the chance to rock a kick-ass veil. Because why TF not!

Ok, so now let's shift the dreamy image that we started from what you look like to what you see around you. I have always loved forecasting event Design Trends, but I usually stick to a bold favorite, a tried (but not tired) and true pretty neutral, and a fun, out-of-the-box surprise. Here is where I would love to see couples celebrate their uniqueness.

  • Statement Florals: As an event florist, I will always have a very special place in my heart for BIG, SHOWY, OVER-THE-TOP statement pieces. My reason for this is that you said “I do” to a venue long before you end up at your floral design consultation, so one of my first questions is about what draws you in at the venue. What was it about the space that fits you so perfectly that you could see yourself dancing the night away in the arms of your partner? If you are telling me the curvy arches and carved details of your historic mansion mantle immediately transported you to a time when love mattered more than keto, well let's celebrate that FEELING. I am going to suggest you glam out that mantle with a big, bold statement that will demand the attention of your guests. Trust me, 40 bud vases are nice but one or two bold statement florals can really show off the whole reason you love your venue. You can let guests know right at a glance what to expect. This is not little touches everywhere design - this is undeniable wedding day curated styling. Yes, YOU are that fancy.

  • Grounded Ceremony Backdrops: This trend probably could have been covered under bold statements but I think it truly deserves its own time to shine. I am LOVING this trend because it is different in a really sweet way. I love how these ceremony designs really embrace the couple in a semi-circle. It feels like a romantic soft floral field just bursting with beauty to surround you as you take your vows among your loved ones. Whether this is soft and romantic or bold and fashion-forward, in my opinion, this is a win. The unique design shape of this allows it to perfectly sit in front of your sweetheart/head table or line the dancefloor. And it's a bonus that the pretty florals are a backdrop (just as they should be) and not at your face level competing with hair, makeup, and attire details.

  • Black! Black! Black!: This is not for the too “pretty” to ever consider girlies of the world so kindly keep it moving. This is for my risk-takers. My, “I don’t give a sh*t” couples that really know mom's vision isn’t your own and that is just FINE! Let's get into it. Black is bold! It’s timeless and it's quite honestly badass. So say yes to the black taper candles, the black guest attire, the black cakes (yes the frosting will stain their teeth WHO CARES, ITS HILARIOUS!), even the black wedding gowns. It’s your world babe, we just get to live in it for one day so show us what you got!

Lastly, I want to end with the sweetest of trends that I hope to see in the next wedding season, Elevated Desserts!

  • Floating Cakes: We all got excited about the naked cake and it WAS fun but no, just no. What sweets trends CAN you get excited about? FLOATING cakes. Yes, acrylics have had their time to shine as table numbers and escort charts for awhile now, but that trend is now pushing over into cakes, and we're left with a striking, eye-catching cake design that takes us to new heights. We have seen cutting cakes and small cakes for a while now. I am predicting that they will shift into creative, fun, statement cakes that are more reflective of the couple's style than just layers of white buttercream. We are talking mango-filled layers floating above white chocolate shavings nestled among the perfectly selected flower accents. ELEVATED is the keyword here, no ground-level basic sugar babies here.

  • Dessert Cocktails: If cake isn’t your thing, while we probably wouldn’t make good friends, I do still have one final elevated sweets option that will leave your guest talking. Instead of offering a traditional sweets table or cake opt, for a simple cookie station with a chocolate martini tower as the focal point of the station! Champagne is for heartfelt toast; this is for adults that know how to dance and party. Chocolate martini tower & cookies... who wouldn’t be impressed and thrilled? The donut wall just crumbled at the feet of the martini tower and I’m not even gonna sweep up the crumbs.

As you head into that fun but endless creative loop of wedding styling and design, let the mental image of your big day solidify in your mind. The clearer you can get that vision, the easier it is for your trusted wedding professionals to bring that to life for you and your partner. It allows creatives like myself to strive to produce the most perfect version of whatever trend or tradition you choose for YOUR big day.

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