If you are anything like the majority of engaged couples, you’ve probably hundreds of hours planning & invested thousands of dollars into this promised dream day. You're hoping all of the time & money will be well-spent and you'll walk into your wedding suite feeling like it was all worth it. Our proven Wedding Management process will help you get just that.



Immediate access to our membership program, The Wedding Planning Collective, gets you access to our professional planning portal with the tools, systems & resources you need to plan your wedding with ease.


This 90 minute meeting is hosted by your personal Wedding Manager about 12 weeks before your wedding. You'll spend that time talking through all the details of your wedding day. Your Wedding Manager will make sure no detail has been overlooked while you've been planning on your own.


Wanna know the #1 source of missed details in wedding planning? Too many cooks in the kitchen. We eliminate this by taking over at the main point of contact for your vendor team & taking the lead on confirming details and reviewing the timeline & layouts with them all.


Never wonder if you're forgetting something or falling behind with our monthly check-in process.


Your Wedding Manager will accompany you for a walk through at your reception venue 4-6 weeks before your wedding. During this meeting we'll talk through layout, decor placement, catering service details, & guest flow. This ensures that our team, your venue team, & your catering team are positioned to work in tandem with no questions of who is doing what the day of.


Every LRE wedding day is staffed with:

  • Your Wedding Manager: who leads the charge & acts in your interest

  • Wedding Attendant: who hangs with the wedding party, making sure everyone gets where they need to be on time & lends an extra hand for steaming, errands, shoe buckling, and whatever else comes up during getting ready. They'll also call room service before they leave to request a clean up so you don't come back to flat champagne & stale Panera on your wedding night.

  • Set Up Assistant: who hangs with your Wedding Manager handling the go-fer type tasks (like setting up place cards & menus) allowing your Wedding Manager to stay head in the game with production details and float between set up & the wedding party. This assistant then moves into a Guest Experience Attendant making sure your guests are hosted well while you're off being the guests of honor.


We know that most of the questions you'll have about planning your wedding are going to come long before our 1:1 service begins & we never want you to feel alone in planning. Reach out to us via email ANYTIME for guidance.


In order to make sure your wedding goes smoothly, we need a solid plan, and that means documenting who needs to be where, when & how they (and any necessary supplies) are going to get there.

We start with creating a Master timeline and then break it into bite size pieces for your wedding party, catering team, DJ/Band, photographer, etc. so everyone has the information they need & aren't overwhelmed with all the details only we need to know.


Your Wedding Manager will run the rehearsal to make sure that everyone knows their cues, positions & what to do what their hands during the ceremony.

Then on the wedding day your Wedding Manager will line everyone up & send them down the aisle with flowers in hand & straight ties.


Wedding Management 

You'll take the charge on planning your wedding, but have resources on resources from us to make sure you're doing it right & not forgetting anything major. 



Wedding Management Plus

The exact same experience as Wedding Management PLUS a 30 minute monthly planning call included.




Step 1

Schedule a call

Easily schedule a call on our calendar at your convenience.

Step 2

Attend an introduction call

The goal of this call is to answer 3 questions:

1. Do we like each other?

2. Do you trust our team to guide you?

3. How can we best serve you?

Step 3

Get your custom planning strategy

After our call we'll send you a custom planning strategy & a guide on how to plan the wedding you deserve.

Ashley & Ben

They really made us feel special, heard, supported, and validated throughout the whole process. Do yourselves a favor, hire the BURST team. They will make sure it’s all you wanted and more!


Janis & Jinsol

I can't imagine a wedding planning without them and despite all of the barriers, the wedding was phenomenal and everything I asked for. So many guests gushed how beautiful the wedding was and honestly, they did everything.

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Cassie & Mike

I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been without BURST helping us through it. They were really great about helping us stay realistic about our budget and timeline, as well as suggesting extra little touches that made our wedding even more special.