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Chicago Wedding Planning


 We know that not every wedding is the same & wedding planning experiences are not one size fits all. Some couples genuinely don't need full 1:1 planning assistance but need guidance in specific areas of planning. Our consultation packages are designed to do just that. Whether you need help getting started, with the logistics & timeline details, creating a cohesive design that fits within your budget, or are just tired of getting mixed answers and sales pitches from posting your questions in wedding Facebook groups; we are here to guide, to listen & to ultimately, get you back to loving your wedding planning experience.

Any of these packages can be selected individually or added to a Wedding Management for a just-right Wedding Planning Experience.



Buy one of the packages below & use the link in your confirmation email to schedule your first meeting with your Planning Consultant.


During your first meeting with your Planning Consultant, we'll spend 90 minutes going through your vision, budget & planning progress so that the rest of our recommendations are customized to your specific needs.


After our Discovery Meeting we'll set you up with your professional planning portal & begin making recommendations & guiding you through planning based on your selected package.


Getting Started

If you want to get set up for success in planning, but don't want to invest in a full-blown planning experience? We'll help you set priorities, a budget, get you set up with our professional planning portal, & help you find a venue.



Design Consultation

Experiencing Pinterest fatigue? Have allll the decor ideas but don't know how to maximize your budget?

Are you a math & science person who doesn't know Illuminating Yellow from Ultimate Gray & need someone to help you make your wedding pretty?

We'll help you discover your wedding design, build you a custom wedding design board & connect you with the best vendors for the job. We'll even attend one decor-related consultation with you so you know what to expect from the rest of the process.



Ashley & Ben

They really made us feel special, heard, supported, and validated throughout the whole process. Do yourselves a favor, hire the BURST team. They will make sure it’s all you wanted and more!


Janis & Jinsol

I can't imagine a wedding planning without them and despite all of the barriers, the wedding was phenomenal and everything I asked for. So many guests gushed how beautiful the wedding was and honestly, they did everything.

chicago intimate industrial wedding.jpg

Cassie & Mike

I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been without BURST helping us through it. They were really great about helping us stay realistic about our budget and timeline, as well as suggesting extra little touches that made our wedding even more special.

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